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CR-21 Multi-Function Cradle

CR-21 Multi-Function Cradle

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The shortest distance between you and your recordings

The CR-21 Cradle from Olympus is a multi-function docking station for your Olympus DS-9500 and DS-9000 devices. As is, it will allow you to charge your DS-9500 / DS-9000. A LAN connection is available for use with the DS-9500. If you incorporate the Olympus RS-27H or RS-31H footswitch, sold separately, the cradle will allow for hands-free dictation with the DS-9500 / DS-9000, providing for easy data transfer to your computer (Mac or PC).

Easy data transfer between Professional Dictation Systems and PC or Mac systems.

Enables hands-free recording (with optional RS-27H or RS-31H footswitches).

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