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C-Speech Voice Recognition

Leverage existing systems with the voice control capabilities offered by C-Speech.

Save up to sixty minutes per day on administrative tasks by implementing voice technology into the documentation process.

C-Speech allows users to add voice recognition functionality to virtually any supported application. Users can easily dictate directly into the fields of their EMR or navigate and complete requisition forms with ease. C-Speech eliminates typed and handwritten notes, allowing the user to create reports, compose e-mail and navigate third-party applications with voice.

C-Speech automates frequently used functions with the autocommand feature, allowing users to quickly perform tasks without the need for keyboard intervention. The autotext function allows users to quickly insert predefined segments of text into to a report, saving time and allowing for a highly personalized experience.

C-Speech offers state-of-the-art voice recognition and enhanced functionality at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems. All microphones available on are supported for use with C-Speech.

C-Speech is available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.

C-Speech FAQ

How do I install C-Speech?

Upon accepted payment on the DigiBox store, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to activate your license and download your C-Speech

What are the hardware requirements for C-Speech?

- PC running Microsoft Windows 10 or Microsoft Windows 11
- High quality microphone
- High speed internet connection

Does this license permit installation on more than one computer?

Yes, you can install C-Speech wherever you need it however you will only be permitted to remain logged into one computer at a time.

Can I share my license with another user?

Your C-Speech subscription is exclusive to you and is tied to your configured settings and preferences. Additional users are not authorized to use your license.

Can I continue to use C-Speech once my subscription period is up?

C-Speech subscriptions are available in monthly, quarterly, and yearly intervals, the application will cease to function once your purchased subscription has expired. You will however receive a notification prior to the expiration of your subscription, giving you the opportunity to renew or extend your plan.

Will C-Speech allow me to dictate into my third-party software?

Yes! C-Speech is supported in most third-party applications. If your software is not currently supported, we provide alternate means for capturing the recognized
text in the right control or we may be able to add your system to our list of supported applications.

How do I purchase a vocabulary specific to my industry?

C-Speech doesn’t require the purchase of separate lexicons per industry. If you work in the following fields, C-Speech will accurately recognize professional vocabulary:

- Healthcare
- Legal
- Insurance
- Law Enforcement

Do you offer user training?

You can absolutely request an online training session with one of our representatives however, most users find that our video tutorials and user help cover their needs. Access to the full tutorial library will be available to you with subscription.

Can I do anything other than dictate with C-Speech?

C-Speech allows you to use your voice to do more than just dictate. With C-Speech you can control your desktop, launch applications, send e-mails, or navigate fields using voice. C-Speech even lets you create your own commands using the
autocommand designer, customizing the app to suit your needs.

Do I need to train C-Speech?

No training is required with C-Speech. C-Speech is speaker independent, meaning
that you can simply pick up your microphone and start dictating.

What happens if C-Speech doesn’t understand a word?

There may be instances where the speech engine fails to accurately recognize a word, either due to mispronunciation or absence from the lexicon. If this occurs, the user may add the word to their personal library, the application will store it and recognize it in the future.