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Olympus RecMic II Slideswith Microphone RM-4110S

Olympus RecMic II Slideswith Microphone RM-4110S

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Advanced noise canceling technology 

Create clean, accurate verbal notes efficiently with the Olympus RecMic II. This series of desktop dictation microphones combines advanced technologies in an innovative advanced noise canceling system ideal for noisy environments.

Intelligent dual microphones control the directionality to keep the focus on the person dictating, and suppress non-voice noise eliminating anything outside the human frequency range. In addition, a triple-layer studio-quality filter blocks traditionally problematic sounds including wind breath noise. The Olympus RecMic II microphones retain accurate spoken audio without any distortion while suppressing unwanted noise, and make controlling desktop dictation easy.

Intelligent dual microphones suppress unwanted background noise.

Triple-layer sound studio pop filter blocks mouth noise.

Antimicrobial housing keeps equipment hygienic.

Microphone stand offers optional hands-free dictation.

Trackball for improved navigation.

Smooth UV coating and silent buttons to reduce touch noise.

Configurable with third party applications including web applications.

Your microphone comes with:

  • Olympus RecMic II RM-4110S
  • USB cable (connected to device)
  • Microphone Stand
  • Quick start guide
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